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A Gunfight with Cowboys, Pirates, and Ghosts

The filmmakers behind the upcoming movie called Pistolero discuss the concept behind the film and announce the launch of their crowdfunding campaign. United States – Nov. 9th 2015 : In August of next year, a highly talented film crew will begin shooting the much-anticipated film entitled “Pistolero.” The film will be directed by Ezequiel Martinez, an up-and-coming Hollywood director who has directed several other … Read More A Gunfight with Cowboys, Pirates, and Ghosts


First Day On a Movie Set

So here you are, you have worked hard, spent a ton of money in schooling, advertisement, and probably a number of other things. This can be nerve racking, or frustrating. Why? Because you may not be doing what you came out to Hollywood to do. You may be doing extra work (background) or PA work. On the bigger sets, it is harder to get … Read More First Day On a Movie Set


James Kelly Durgin

Hollywood has been enjoying services of some of the best talents in the world. One such great talent was of Jim ‘Kelly’ Durgin. Until his death in 2011, Jim served as an excellent script supervisor in Hollywood having taken an active scripting role in more than 200 movies. Early Life Durgin, James Clayton “Kelly” was born in August 13, 1930 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as … Read More James Kelly Durgin


No Man Is An Island

The film may say “A George Lucas Production” or “A Steven Spielberg Production” but the movie you have just been enthralled by is not the work of just one man. The 90 minutes or so that you have just seen is the effort of many people, a movie today is all about teamwork. Choosing the right team is the challenge. How many movies or … Read More No Man Is An Island

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