I first found my love for entertainment when I was 4 years old and I did commercials for my parents pizza shop in Erie Pennsylvania. I won an award for my acting at the local tv station there. I didn’t really have transportation so I was unable to presume my career. When I turned 16 I got my own car and a job and drove out to LA from San Bernardino CA to take Shakespeare lessons and then I also got a part in Romeo and Juliet it was one line. I drove up there 3 days a week for 2 months to rehearse. I was in haven. I went to college at 17 and started the drama club at San Bernardino Valley College. I stage managed many plays there and a couple at UCI when I transferred. I started directing scenes and full plays at UCI. I then directed some plays at community theaters and started my own theater called “The Rose Theatre” where I produced and directed several plays. I shut down my theater moved out to  Hollywood and starting doing background and taking acting lessons at some of the best schools at the time. I directed acted in and produced many shorts and feature films it was great! I then studied script supervising and worked on projects almost everyday until I made it into the union. I had fun I really learned film making from a new point of view. And traveled to different countries doing what I loved. Traveling and filmmaking are my two favorite things. I enjoy meeting new people and both create great environments to do that. Entertainment is my passion and I love helping artists create and learn their craft. Which is why I created this blog and my books and courses. Sometimes we need that help support and push to do what we do and I hope to offer all of this with education that makes you understand the process and yourselves better. I wish you the best of luck in all of your works!! And most of all I wish to do what you love because why not enjoy life? 

One of the things that makes moviemakercentral different is that we come from a script supervisor’s perspective. A script supervisor has the pleasure to work with every department on set as well as keep it organized. While script supervisors work with every department just as a director and producer, what makes script supervisors different is that they are in the same union as the crew so they are in a managerial position, but are also crew members.

Script supervisors must ensure the quality of the production and support the overall vision of the director. They are the eyes and ears for the editor and are there to make sure the footage is to the quality (matching and screen direction and coverage) the editor needs to cut the film together.

A great script supervisor can save a lot of time and money for production, whereas a bad one costs the production quite a bit in time and money. A lot of AD’s have the pleasure of working with the crew but not all of them ensure that the crew is doing a quality job – most are ensuring that the job is getting done on time and within budget, not how well it is getting done. The script supervisor understands what each job does on set and how to make sure it is done in a way to ensure the film is of editable quality.


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