Sync in films goes way back to the discovery of sound in film. Sync in film refers to the sound recorded during the filming process. It is also known as synchronization of sound in film. This is matching a scene with a particular sound that fits the situation. For example, if an actor is playing piano, the sound you expect to hear is that of a piano.

Music has always played second base to motion pictures when it comes to television and cinema. However, this is not the case these days; sound is entirely equal to picture when it comes to conveying the story line.


Music or sound always accompany narration. It could be in the form of drum beats (if you have a red India heritage) or playing of guitars (if you are from the deep west). Sound has always played a significant role in conveying the message of the film.

The first synchronization of sound was a rotational recording device marked with a white spot. The camera operator hand cranked the camera to keep it in sync with the recording, as the white spot rotated, This method is then repeated for playback while with the projectionist is reeling the film projector.

Today, all this work is being done by digital sound recorders and digital video cameras. Synchronizing electronically, they are being used for video production.

Significance in film set

If we reflect on the importance of music, it is one of the most unique conventions in movies. You do not question whether music should be a part of film. Maybe this is because we’ve embraced the idea that, in a film, we should have music in the background. Of course, in reality soundtrack do not accompany real life events. However, when it comes to movies, we demand music.

Well, here are a few reasons as to why:

  • Guide the emotion response of your audience: For some effect, music is used to bring effect. Sound gives you a clue of              what to expect from the filmmaker when it comes to a particular scene. A good example is when people are about to kiss, a                    romantic song starts to play in the background.
  • Foreshadow upcoming events: In some cases, film directors use music to foretell future scenes. Like in horror movies when          one is about to be attacked, a special sync music plays alerting you on what’s about to happen.
  • Gambit for movie: Music can also provide introduction to a film as the background for the curtain raisers. Like a dramatic                orchestra music in a thrilling film.

We can never do without sound in film.


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