Just like many other young girls, I had set out to become an actress when I came to Hollywood. It is usually the dream of many girls to become actresses in Hollywood. The nationwide popularity that actresses get is what pushes many young girls to this profession. But even so, there are other jobs in Hollywood that are actually more interesting than acting. Of course, you will never get to know about this until you get there.

How was the Script supervisor Idea Developed?

Given the number of many applicants in an acting career, it was clear that I had to wait for quite some time before I could get my first acting role. Luckily, for me, I had some experience stage managing and running a theater in a college. This is how the idea of getting a job in script writing developed. I had to look for a job as a crew member and realized that my experience in theater will help me secure a role as script supervisor. I secured that job and started off an exciting career in the film industry.

My Experience in Script supervision

Though I had not come to Hollywood seeking a career in scriptwriting, I found myself glued to this interesting role in the film industry. I think it is fate that directed me here for things are now working better than I had initially thought. I am having quite a nice experience in this role.

What are the Benefits of Scriptsupervisor in the Film Industry?

As an aspiring actress who found herself locked in script writing. I have realized that scriptwriting is very beneficial in advancing my quest to become whatever I want in this lucrative film industry. Here are some of the benefits I get as a script supervisor.

  • Direct Contact with Great Directors and Producers 

In this role, I get direct contact with Hollywood great producers and directors. This helps me to learn from them how to make great films. 

  • Practical Experience

As a script supervisor, I get practical experience in filmmaking. The kind of experience that I get here cannot be gotten in school. This is what players in the film industry need in order to sharpen their skills. It is like am getting paid to be trained since I get experience in acting while I work as a script supervisor.

  • Vast Knowledge of the Film Industry

While working here, I get vast knowledge of the American film industry, Hollywood. This kind of knowledge will be useful later on if I want to seek another job, probably in acting.

It is very clear that all these benefits gotten from my role can help me shape my career in the films in whichever direction I choose. Furthermore, it is a well paying career that one would find it hard to quit.

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