The History of Film

The history of film started in 1890s, when the first motion picture cameras were invented. Unfortunately due to the technological limits, films were under a minute long and they were produced without sound until 1927. The first ten years of motion pictures saw the move from newness to large scale entertainment industry. The first rotating camera was built in 1897. This led to the building of the first film studios in the same year.

The first use of animations in films was done in 1899. In 1906 the first multi-reel film, an Australian production was introduced. The Nickelodeon was the first successful permanent theatre. By 1910, actors started receiving screen credits for their successful roles.
The first movie cameras were tied to the head of their tripod with simple leveling gadget provided. The first rotating camera was built in 1897 by Robert Paul and was used for taking panning shots. He used the camera to shoot the procession of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.

In 1897, Georges Melies built among the first few film studios. The studio had a glass roof and 3 glass walls. The studio was fitted with thin pieces of cotton cloths that were used to diffuse direct rays of the sun especially during sunny days. Georges produced, distributed and sold over 500 short films.

Towards the end of the 19th century, the first films that consisted of more than a single shot begun to emerge. A good example is the French film Jesus Christ. Film continuity that involved action moving from one sequence to another was first illustrated in the British film come along that was made in 1898 produced by Robert W Paul. More and more development on action continuity in films continued later in 1899 in England.

The use of animation in films started in 1899 with a short film that was meant to encourage viewers to contribute matches that would later be sent to the British army fighting in the Boer War in South Africa.

Today, the movie industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries ever. Almost every country including African countries are producing and shooting their own movies. Numerous companies have taken up the role of shooting, producing, directing and marketing movies. Countries like Germany, France and the United States joined Britain in serious film production. A good example is in Italy where Turin was the first and biggest film center. In the United States of America, Hollywood is the main film center. Numerous movies have been produced since the introduction of motion pictures and today movies are being shot in High Definition.

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