As a production sound mixer residing in Malaysia, Lawrence Chick has traveled the world to be part of the film industry. Various projects have taken him to the Middle Eastern countries of Dubai and Yemen; South Asia to Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Brunei; Australia and London England. A few examples of shows he’s worked on include the reality series Survivor South Africa and Blackhat, a feature film by Michael Mann.

What exactly does Lawrence do? The best description is that, for a film and television production, while the camera department films the visuals, he records the sound portion of the visual. It may be dialogue, sound effects or ambiance. This way, the viewer gets to experience both the audio and the visual. In the film industry this is called location sound recording.

While sound mixing wasn’t his first choice for a career, it became his passion. At first an unknown field to him, studio work was something Lawrence wanted to try after graduating with an Engineering degree. He built a small recording studio in his spare time, attempting to create his own music; this lead to sound editing and sound effect work. He landed a gig recording for a corporate video and knew then that this is what he wanted to do. That first gig was also his biggest challenge as he realized he didn’t fully understand all that was involved.

Lawrence found that by being able to work in the area of his passion was a blessing as well. Every project is different, unique, in its own way. He considers meeting, and talking to, new people a bonus as it broadens his knowledge of how diverse many of them are. He can’t see himself doing anything else with his life these days.

Being one step ahead of the game has helped Lawrence in so many ways. Improvising and quick thinking through problems has saved him and films he has worked on.

Lawrence gets inspiration from big budget Hollywood movies in cinemas because sound is a part of the cinematic experience. He listens to the varied ways directors evoke the audience sound experience.

As for books and music – in general Lawrence doesn’t have a single favorite book or genre. He reads many books and magazines related to sound and music technology; often finding more information within the vast range of the internet. Jazz is a love of his mainly due to the song and it’s sound.

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