Thy Nguyen has been working in the film industry for more than a decade. Thy produces motion pictures, television shows, live events and various entertainment programs in Vietnam. Currently she is the director of VNCAST, a very well-known Vietnamese casting and production company.

For Thy this is is passion and life. Something she has always wanted to do.

She got her start as a stylist for a magazine seeking talent and celebrities within the film industry. This attracted her to that environment, which in turn led her to immerse herself more and more into the industry.

Thy loves a challenge. One of the most challenging aspects of her job is finding the right actor or actress for a current project. Thy tells of a time when she and her staff searched all of Vietnam for a single little girl specifically for a project. They found her and the movie was a success because of their efforts. Thy enjoys the search for new and young talent, bringing them to their fullest potential in film. To her, this allows the delivery of the most beautiful gift to audiences. Nguyen explains that her passion is to make people laugh, cry, be happy and live their emotions through her projects.

One of his biggest success stories is her company VNCAST. Over only a decade she has produced many films, television shows and commercials that are well-known in Vietnam; having cast many famous celebrities from her country for many productions and projects is another success Thy Nguyen points to. A favorite story of hers is the chance to work on an international commercial created by Apple and filmed in Vietnam. She had the chance to work with their professional crew and learn from them. Her next project she worked on with a professional crew was “Kong Skull Island”

Inspiration comes from the limitless creativity of humans. The industry has given her and others the chance to “break through the roof of the sky” and live their dream in true life. While Thy doesn’t have any one person as inspiration, she does note that she puts herself into the mindset of making something new and better than anyone else has because it brings a smile to the audience.

This same passion to see, to make, to feel the joy of the audience after one of her projects is completed is what keeps this woman going.

As for books, she loves 50 Shades of Gray claiming it to be better than the movie even though both book and movie were successful. She says it contains all of the movement and corner of sexual life of humans that you can imagine. It reflects all of the emotional changes for both characters of the story.

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