Importance of Lighting for Film

Lighting is one of the most important requirements in making a quality film. Lighting on set is a vital part to building a good scene. Unfortunately not everyone understands the importance of lighting in making a good video. The sunlight is not sufficient enough to provide light when making a video. And it is because of this fact that it is advisable to always carry extra lights. The following are reasons why lighting is important in filming:

Clarity of Image

It is essential for viewers to tell the difference in all elements in the movie. Lighting enables you to differentiate between what is happening in the foreground and background in a scene. Viewers should be able to notice different facial expressions as well as physical gestures.

Creates Realism

The sole purpose of lighting in films was to make the images clear but later, other factors were realized. In 1905, film producers introduced visual schemes that demonstrated how lighting was important in creating realism in film making. Light makes scenes in movies to look real.

Lighting helps in determining the mood of the film

The way a movie scene is lit determines the mood of the movie. A good example is a horror movie. Movie producers make certain scenes dimmer to show how dangerous and scary that scene is or is going to be. Shadows and contrast can have an effect on a movie scene. This also applies in TV commercials and even in online videos.

Increases Editing Time

Poor lighting will give you a hard time when it comes to the final editing of the film. In other cases, you might be forced to even re-shoot the movie. The use of editing software can sometimes prove to be a problem especially on scenes with poor lighting.

Determines the Quality of the Project

The difference between a High Definition movie and a cheap or poor quality movie is lighting. Most poor quality films are either shot using too much or too little artificial light. Adequate lighting means goof quality shooting. You will be able to shoot almost everything in that particular scene because they are all visible. With extra lights on, small effects and textures can be visible to the camera man. These graphics make good quality film. 

In summary, lighting in film is very important. You need light to shoot high quality films. However, this does not mean that you should rely on natural sunshine for light. Carrying extra lights is integral in ensuring that nothing goes wrong when shooting.

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