Melanie is a hair and makeup artist working in various fields including film, TV and print media. Her training comes from modeling and cosmetology spanning over multiple decades. Her curiosity in creating images behind the camera led to several positions as Assistant or Key Hair and Makeup Artist for various film and print projects. Memberships and awards include the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 495, then Local 122, the California Board of Cosmetology, and a 2012 nominee for Best Hair Salon by San Diego Alist.

An ongoing education in the nursing industry provide her the latest techniques to support persons with ailments and surgeries requiring specialized needs. Melanie believes her extensive knowledge of the beauty industry helps everyone she works with have their best look on their perfect day. She works with housewives and movie stars alike.

Although she started in modeling Melanie always knew she wanted to be behind the scenes. She explains that it is difficult to break into film because of steep competition, and thus was one of the biggest challenges. Eventually people started asking for her due to her active role in keeping her name out there. Melanie loves weddings and considers it a “special honor” to work with brides and their families. Inspiration comes from multiple people and things for Melanie. She says that talented people are everywhere; people who inspire her include Joe Blasco and Billy B.; these makeup artists inspired her when she began and still do today.

A favorite book, The Seven Spiritual Laws, by Deepak Chopra gives her more inspiration with quotes such as one of her favorites – “calm your mind like a pond and don’t let anyone throw any rocks in”. This is one virtue she lives by now to keep herself centered and on track. Like her inspirations, her music is a wide range with a bow towards heavy metal or rock bands such as Metallica. On this topic she finds inspiration from working with Dave Mustaine who inspired her through his music.

One of the biggest challenges she sees in her field is that too many makeup artists in the industry work with bad sterilization techniques. This prompted Melanie to create the “Go 2 Brush”. Melanie says that artists can clean the brush with 99% alcohol, then sanitize, sterilize and be done in one wipe; thus allowing the makeup artist to move on to the next client.

Melanie works in everything from hair to makeup, tattoo cover up and airbrushing, along with training in wigs and prosthetic design. She helps inspire other up and coming artists. You can find more information about Melanie Littlewood at


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