The filmmakers behind the upcoming movie called Pistolero discuss the concept behind the film and
announce the launch of their crowdfunding campaign.
United States – Nov. 9th 2015 : In August of next year, a highly talented film crew will begin shooting the
much-anticipated film entitled “Pistolero.” The film will be directed by Ezequiel Martinez, an
up-and-coming Hollywood director who has directed several other films including “On a Dark and
Stormy Night” and “Spyware.” Alongside Ezequiel, there will be many talented and accomplished
individuals within the film industry taking a part in Pistolero. This includes the noted cinematographer
Byron Werner, the producer Kico Velarde, and writer Lee Brandt. The film is expected to begin
shooting this upcoming August at the Greenspot Farms in Mentone, California, near the San
Bernardino Forest.
“ The concept behind Pistolero was created when I answered a question that no
one has ever thought of. ” said the director Ezequiel Martinez. “ What would
happen if you took the Mexico of the past, present, and future, and then rolled
it together with a world of Tim Burton fantasy and Clint Eastwood westerns, to
create a hurricane of gunfighters? Pistolero is a story that brings those who are
wanted dead, to life as they participate in the greatest gunfight the world has The movie Pistolero revolves around a revenge plot between cowboys, ghosts, pirates, and the elusive
Dorian Grey. The film is expected to have several high-quality action scenes, including a 15-minute
gunfight that was already optioned by a large film production company. For $45,000 the makers of
Pistolero can shoot this piece of the movie and then have it re-optioned with Ezequiel Martinez as the
director. In order to offset some of the costs associated with creating Pistolero, the filmmakers have
created an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign which was launched earlier this week and will expire
within the next two months. The crew hopes to achieve their $45,000 goal in order to bring the story
of Pistolero to life. There are several “perks” that will be provided to contributors such as digital
downloads of the movie’s theme song, an entry to a draw, merchandise, and the opportunity to be
apart of the film. More information about the Pistolero crowdfunding campaign can be accessed
seen. ”

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