It is true that America is a land of opportunity where everybody can have their dreams come true. One of the most lucrative industries in America is the film industry. Many people come to Hollywood to seek employment and advancement of their careers.
Hollywood Stats
Being the pillar of the American film industry, Hollywood receives quite a huge number of job seekers annually. On an annual basis, over 100,000 people come to Hollywood in pursuit of career leading to film directors. A whopping 600,000 come to try their luck in acting. The two are the hottest careers in Hollywood.
However, only a few of them end up in their desired jobs. A majority goes back home disappointed or keep trying the same old thing that is not working.
What is the Solution?
In order to avert the disappointment that many people face when they miss their target careers in Hollywood, we need to think outside of the box. This is a solution since there are many other film jobs that many people can get in Hollywood.  Not to mention a way to learn about film making first hand.  With out paying large fees for tuition.

Tips for Getting the right Job in Hollywood

  1. Be open to different Ideas. Each set is a different ball game different rules and was of doing things.  If you ca’t adapt you will never survive.  eventually after you have been on a few sets you will start to get an idea of how movies function.
  2. Be willing to work for free at first.  In as much as it sounds absurd, you should actually think of working for free it is all about the connections you make on set.  If you get a chance to work as crew you will see that everyone will want to hire you and pull you on other shows as long as you are cool and want to learn you will do fine.  Don’t come on sets with a know it all attitude.  Or a sense of entitlement.  I have watched many people be successful from working for free in the beginning or if you are in a rut.  The key is to have fun and have a positive attitude while doing it so people will want to work with you.
  3. Make use of your Strengths.  You should make use of your strengths while seeking a job in Hollywood.  Also look at what you like doing.  If you are good at fashion maybe get on sets as wardrobe department?  At first the key is to get on sets as much as possible.  that is how you get more work.
  4. Pick a department.  A great place to start is PA boot camp.  It is a weekend long course that gives you an idea of what a PA( production assistant) does on sets.  Once you get on set as a PA pick a department you specialize in and then role with that.  If you want to be and assistant director then stay in the PA department.
  5. Be Willing to Start Small.  You might have a masters’ degree in film but still need to start in the lower ranks to get to a higher position in the film industry. Without a willingness to start small, you might let go of your career in the films.

These are just some of the most common tips of getting the right job in Hollywood. The most important thing of all is to ensure that you do not limit yourself to a specific line of work for there might be better avenues out there.

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