10930126_10153609539594119_7425300684727510660_oWith the invention of original productions arriving on Netflix, Amazon and various television or online venues,
the film industry is expanding. Disney recently acquired Makers Studios for $500 million (an internet channel) due to this
phenomenon. This same expansion is a boon for artistic types seeking work within the film industry.
Hollywood is one of the greatest places to work. Not only the environment, but the pay for many jobs found
in Hollywood, and jobs found in entertainment, is worth the work and effort you put into it.
A few examples….
Multimedia Artists/Animators – $61,370
Writers – $55,940
Film/Video Editors – $46,280
Personal Assistants – $80,000
Camera Opperators – $46,280
Art Directors – $80,880
There are hard facts that support the money. According to the Motion Picture Association of America
(MPAA), global box office sales for all films released around the world reach $36.4 billion in 2014; $10.4
billion of all those sales came from the U.S./Canada market. That’s almost one-third of the global market!
Movie theaters continue to draw more people than all the theme parks and major sports venues in the
United States combined.


According to a study from Duke University, Hollywood studios take up 30% to 50% of the Chinese market
The National Endowment for the Arts and the Bureau of Economic Analysis state in a 2013 report that $504
billion, or 3.2% of the Gross Domestic Product, comes from the Arts and Cultural Production. A great deal
of this comes from the film industry.
The key is that you must know what you are doing, and be good at it. The importance of these facts in this
industry is well known in hiring practices. The film industry is always seeking good people to aid in the
expansion. If you ever wanted the dream job, that piece of the action. The time is here. Whether you want
to be in front of, or behind, the camera or working behind the scenes making it happen – you have the time
to do it now.
So how do you get a job in the film industry? How do you get a job in Hollywood? Find out in the next post.




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